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OmniCal setup

This camera setup must be done before you run the disguise software.

Warning: OmniCal camera networks must use a separate network adapter to all other network traffic.

OmniCal iPod kit
OmniCal MV system
  1. Install Vimba Viewer to configure the cameras

  2. Network setup

  3. Verify camera connections

  4. Adjust exposure & focal length

The kit itself is designed to be left as is within the PeliCase and can function simply through a power connection and a connection from the Router to your Server. To ensure the equipment doesn’t malfunction in certain climates, the lid should always remain open while the kit is in use.

  1. Using the handles, remove the foam layers from the Pelicase to access the Tripods and accessories.

  2. Ensure iPods are charged and set up using iPod holders.

  3. Connect the router to your server with provided ethernet cable.

  4. Turn iPods on and ensure they connect to the Access Point.

  5. Start up the d3Cam App.

  6. Check the disguise software to ensure a connection is made to the cameras.

  7. Attach iPod holders to the Tripods/Super Clamps.

  8. Lay out Super Clamps or Tripods in correct location.

  9. Complete OmniCal process on the Server.

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