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Output Feeds overview



The Output Feeds level contains Feed scenes.

A Feed scene controls how content is copied and arranged from screens in the Stage level onto the physical output heads.

Conceptual diagram illustrating how Feeds scenes in the Feed level are used to copy content arranged from screens in the Stage level

Each Feed scene contains a list of Feed rectangles. Each Feed rectangle specifies how content is being transferred from a Screen and where on the output heads that content will arrive. Screen content is copied from the Stage and moved, cropped, scaled and/or rotated to its final position on an output head.

Each Feed scene can contain multiple Feed rectangles for each Screen, so it is possible to break up the content into smaller sections and rearrange these as required. Read the sections below for more information.

Rendering Feed movies

The disguise software can be used to play back media using a conventional media server by rendering the outputs into Feed movies. For more information please see the chapter Rendering Video page.

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