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Content versioning

Content versioning is a powerful feature of the disguise software that allows you to easily version and subsequently replace media files based on their file name. This is useful for shows where content development continues throughout rehearsals and disguise programmers need a quick way of changing between different versions of an asset.

For more information on where to put media files, including video content see the placing media files topic.

New files may either contain :

  • no version tag (,

  • a numeric versiontag (,

  • a date version tag (

Date version tags should be formatted YYYYMMDDL, where L is a, b, c... and so on.

Date version tags can also be extended to YYYYMMDDHHMM where HH is hour and MM is minute.

Version tags are sorted alphabetically, i.e. _v20140602b is considered a more recent version than _v20140602a.

The disguise software will remove the version tag to create a stem filename, and create a new videoclip with the stem name.

There may be more than one occurrence of the version tag in the overall pathname, i.e. it is permissible to create a folder for each version date, if you wish. However please note that this introduces the risk of errors, i.e. if you make a mistake and add a different version tag to the filename, the result will be indeterminate.

To add a new version of a file, simply copy it into the VideoFile folder alongside the older versions. The disguise software will automatically match the stem filename with the existing clip and load the new version, which will play immediately.

The disguise software will automatically replace older versions of the file wherever it occurs in the timeline.

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