Upgrading firmware

The d3 plus range handles updates in a new way. Instead of using installers, you will receive a firmware package that encompasses updates from the ground up.

To tell what OS Version your system is on please go to the about tab in d3 Manager

Note: The system needs to be connected to the internet during this procedure

OS 4.0 Release Notes

No changes since OS 3.0 for plus range devices

You will need

  • An 16Gb USB memory stick
  • A version of Rufus to turn it into a bootable disk. Make sure the volume name of the usb is: "D3D3RESTORE" as per bellow image
  • An internet connection to the machine you are re-imaging
  • Download and install a version of 7Zip
  • Download and unzip the multi file archive using 7Zip
  • part 1 here
  • part 2 here

Create Bootable USB device

  1. Download and unzip the multi file archive using 7Zip:

  2. Create Bootable USB stick with the unzipped ISO

  3. ​​​

Booting into the USB

  1. Please insert the USB key and a keyboard into the system. (USB 3.0 will be the fastest)
  2. Invoke the BIOS menu whilst the system is POSTing by continuously pressing the DEL key
  3. Navigate to the BOOT tab and select Hard Drive BBS Priorities
  4. Select Boot Option #1. Select your USB key from the menu. Normally it is listed as the name of the Vendor of the USB key (SanDisk)
  5. Select Boot Option #2. Please ensure this is listed as the OS drive (INTEL SSDSC2BB080G4)
  6. Please press F4 to Save configuration and exit. This should reset the computer and prompt you with a Press any key to boot from USB window.
  7. Press enter when the "Press any key to boot from USB" window appears and you should be booting into the USB
  8. After this you will need to press Enter once to boot into the usb and the re-imaging process will commence - it should take around 20 minutes or so to complete and two system restarts will be part of the automated process.
  9. The system will boot up in a Windows inactivated state. Wait 20-30 seconds or so, so Microsoft's servers can successfully authorize the system. With a mouse connected to any of the USB ports right-click on the start icon on the task bar and select system. This will prompt the system to update its activation state.



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