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Editing layers

Editing layers involves using the Layer editor and the Keyframe editor

What is the Layer editor?

The Layer editor contains a series of properties which are specifically set for each individual layer. All of these properties can be edited.

Opening / closing the Layer editor

To open the Layer editor:

  • Left-click the layer from the Timeline.

For information on how to create a layer please see the sub-chapter Creating layers.

If the currently selected Track bar is underneath the extent of the layer (not including the extender tabs on either side), the Layer editor will open at the top left of your screen. If the currently selected Track bar is outside the extent of the layer, the disguise software will close the editor. This is to ensure that you only see editors for layers that are active.

The layer editor looks like a standard object editor, except that it has a small preview window at the top of the editor showing you what the layer output looks like.

To close the Layer editor:

  • Left-click the layer in the Timeline, or left-click the close button (x icon) in the top-left corner of the Layer editor.

    Please note: hit Ctrl whilst left-clicking a layer in the Timeline to view multiple Layer editors simultaneously.

Layer properties

Each layer in the disguise software has a specific set of properties. Please read the chapter Layer types to understand each layer types individual properties. In addition, please read the next sub-chapter Common layer properties which explains the properties that are shared by most layers that produce visual output.

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