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Cameras are another display type in the disguise software. Similarly to projectors they render the scene from a specific point of view and allow you to output that view using feed rectangles in the Feed editor.

Camera properties

The Visualisers view of the stage is now also a Camera, called the Visualiser Camera. This can be accessed by clicking the Visualiser Camera button below the Cameras list or right clicking on the background.

The Visualiser Camera does not allow you to create Feed Rectangles.

Warning: Be aware that having multiple cameras requires part of the scene to be rendered multiple times so can incur a major performance cost.

  1. You can add Cameras to the Cameras list under the Cameras separator in the Stage editor.

  2. When you add a camera to the stage you will see a wireframe camera indicating the position and orientation of that camera.

  3. Alter the camera properties to position the camera in the visualiser with the desired settings.

  4. Assign the camera to an output feed.



Camera type



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