TA-32 : Software releases before r22 cannot work with OS’ above 200

Advisory release date: September 2022 [updated 16/11/2022]


The launch of r22 has coincided with OS 200, both of which are major updates to disguise. The OS includes major updates for a host of drivers to support new features, making it necessary to perform firmware updates which due to manufacturer limitations cannot be reversed once applied.

This document outlines a limitation of the OS update that means that software releases before r22 are not compatible with OS’ above 200.

Once the hardware is updated to support OS 200 and above, users can now rollback to the previous OS version to support sessions running r20.1.1 through to r21.4.9 if necessary. We recommend updating to the latest build and OS for optimum performance and reliability, as well as the latest feature sets.



Software releases before r22 cannot work with OS’ above 200.

There is no option to roll back to a previous OS version if the update to an OS above 200 is made.


Affected Hardware/Software

All vx1, vx2, vx4 and vx 4+ hardware using Designer software version r20.1.1 onwards.



Any hardware updated with an OS above 200 can only be used with software versions from r22 onwards.

Builds before r22 are not compatible with OS’ above 200 and should be rolled back to the previous OS.



We have developed the last ‘Previous OS’ and the latest ‘Current OS’ to allow for rollback (downgrade) and update (upgrade) as seen below:


Product OS Designer support
vx 1 / vx 2 Previous OS - 187C.1048 r20.1.1 - r21.4.9
  Current OS - 203C.1048 r22+
vx 4 Previous OS - 194H.1048 r20.1.1 - r21.4.9
Current OS - 202B.1048 r22+
vx 4+ Previous OS - 197D.1048 r20.1.1 - r21.4.9
Current OS - 204A.1048 r22+