Mapping Matter Introduction


How it works


This platform is web-based. Nothing to install / download / update / store.

All of our Data is stored on the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

Supported Browser

We only support Google Chrome.


The platform works on both Mac and PC.


We use WebGL.


Who is Mapping Matter for/not for?

Who is it for?

Mapping Matter is a simulation tool designed for audio visual professionals such as Projectionnists, Technical Designers, Set Designers, Content Creators, Sales Team Members.

It will help them creating Projection Specs and Recommendations for large-scale projects (Shows, Permanent Installations, Building Projection Mapping, etc).

Mapping Matter provides fast, easy, enjoyable and highly comprehensible solutions to :

  • Confirm budget estimates,

  • Iterate on complex Projector placements,

  • Work out Contrast Ratios (Photometric Analysis),

  • Preview still Images and small Video clips on 3D Objects,

  • See Projection Shadows on the Set,

  • Measure Pixel Density (down to a single pixel),

  • Share Client / Team Presentations,

  • Define Media Server Output needs (with Convergence Simulation).

Who is it not for?

Mapping Matter is not intended for Content Creation and/or Video Playback. However it is possible to preview still Images and small .mp4 Clips on 3D Objects.