Macbook Pro Retina driver issues

In 2012 Apple released a range of Macbook Pro's with Retina displays containing the NVidia 650M.  Apple shipped a set of Bootcamp drivers (used to support Windows on a MBP) with these machines and have since released updates. The Bootcamp drivers that ship with the Macbook Pro present varying screen resolutions to the program as it tries to start.  This can cause failure to start issues for Designer.


  1. Install the latest NVidia Drivers for the 650M from

  2. Disable Aero Theme

    1. Right-click on the Windows Desktop

    2. Click Personalize

    3. Choose the 'Windows 7 Basic' theme

  3. Disable Aero Peek Preview (in Windows 7)

    1. Right-click the Windows task bar and choose Properties

    2. Disable the check box: Use Aero Peek to preview the desktop

Completing these three actions should solve the majority of issues with the Retina Macbook Pro. However, if you are still facing issues, please contact the Support Team.