System Requirements

Warning: Disguise requires a 64-bit operating system.

Recommended hardware specifications for running Designer
Operating System Windows 10 or 11, 64-bit.
GPU 2GB Video RAM , DX11 compatible (only single graphics cards are supported at present)
CPU Intel i7 3rd Generation
Memory  4GB RAM (min. 2GB)
Audio Any permitted
Storage  50+GB (min. 8 GB)


Operating system

To run the latest version of Designer your system needs to have a Designer license. Licenses can be obtained via the Disguise Cloud, and either installed directly on the machine (dongle-less solution), or they may be installed on a USB Codemeter dongle, available for purchase from the disguise webstore.


Virtual Machines - Parallels

Virtual Machines like Parallels do not run Disguise software, since Disguise requires DirectX11. Bootcamp may be used, but only if you are working on a pre-M1/M2 Mac platform.


Designer software

For information on how to install the latest version of Designer please see the sub-chapter Updating the software.


If you encounter any issues with the installation of the Designer software or license, please contact the Support Team for assistance.