Importing projectors

From r16, the disguise software started supporting import of projector information from external CSV files. Currently, both Mapping Matter and SimProj are supported.


The feature is intended to take a CSV file with a .txt file extension that contains the projector data. Currently, Mapping Matter and SimProj are known to work well. The CSV can be generated automatically from their programs, or manually, as long as the same format is used.

An example of CSV format without a projector UUID.


An example of CSV format with projector UUID.


The intended workflow for this feature is as follows.

  • User creates their projector configuration in Mapping Matter or SimProj.

  • Export projector configuration to a correctly formatted CSV file.

  • Create a table subfolder in the objects folder of your disguise project and put the CSV file there.

  • Use the Import Projector functionality in the disguise software.

  • Navigate to the Objects folder of your project.

  • Create a Table sub folder if one does not already exist.

  • Put the exported CSV file in the table folder.

  • In the disguise software open the stage editor and navigate to actions.

  • Left click Import projectors from table.

  • Select the CSV file from the list of table files.

    • If an unsupported file is selected (e.g. containing something else than projectors), the import will fail, and an error message will inform the user.

    • If it succeeds, all projectors in the CSV file will be imported and added to the Stage.

    • Existing projectors with the same name will be modified. If they are not in the Stage at the moment, they will be added.

    • If a projector with a certain name does not yet exist, it will be created and added to the Stage.

    • If the file contains multiple projector entries with the same name, disguise will create duplicates with different names.

    • the disguise software will notify the user with a popup message about how many projectors were added, modified, or failed.

Please note: The import of projectors is a one-off process, and needs to be repeated manually every time the file changes. The table filename is not saved and tracked in the project, like it is with other Table workflows in the disguise software.