Real-Time Markerless Motion Capture

What is Invisible?

The Invisible Solution offers markerless real-time motion capture, enabling Mocap without the need for talent to wear custom suits or equipment which opens up solutions to common virtual set problems. The Invisible Solution combines’s real-time markerless motion capture software and is integrated with disguise’s graphics processing platform to unlock more streamlined productions. Motion capture has previously been the preserve of high budget films. Invisible makes mocap accessible to a much broader audience including XR, low to mid budget VP, metaverse and live events. The Invisible Solution bundle packages all the necessary components needed for real-time markerless Mocap, and is sold by and supported by disguise.

The technology works by extracting natural human motion from live video using advanced AI, computer vision, biomechanics and physics to automatically retarget the data to a character rig and create a virtual character that can mirror human motion in real-time.

Invisible: Real-Time Markerless Motion Capture solution. also has a motion capture app for mobile devices for use cases where real-time is not required. This is a separate product available directly from


How does Invisible work?

Deep learning models have been used to teach the system how to detect key points on the human body within 2D images, which are then combined from multiple angles to triangulate the location of these key points within the 3D space. This data is then run through a neural network to apply biomechanical and kinematic models to ensure lifelike representation of the actor, their movement and the forces they apply to the ground. This data can then be streamed into a 3D engine to puppeteer a virtual avatar in real-time, or simply provide visual effects such as life-like shadows for a performer on stage.


What can you do with Invisible?

Without the need for restrictive and costly mocap suits, performers can simply enter the stage and be automatically tracked and rendered into a virtual scene. Thanks to AI, there is no need for suits, wires, or big budgets, as every single movement is identified.


Invisible offers the following features:

  • Accurate shadow casting

  • Movement-triggered interactive graphics

  • Digital puppeteering for AR and virtual characters