Introduction to

What is is a SaaS platform that provides an end-to-end pipeline for creating and using NeRFs for virtual production. With Volinga Suite, users can upload images or video of a 3D environment and convert them into a NeRF embedded in an .nvol file. In addition, Volinga allows users to convert an existing NeRF model trained using NeRFStudio into an NVOL file. Therefore, anyone can create a NeRF using the parameters that best fit their use case and completely offline, ensuring data privacy.

Using NeRFs, a transformative AI technology that enables the capture and representation of 3D scenes from 2D images, Volinga offers a robust, user-friendly pipeline for 3D content generation, overcoming common bottlenecks in VFX and virtual production workflows, such as extensive 3D asset creation and complex photogrammetry.

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What is a NeRF?

A NeRF (short for Neural Radiance Fields) is a type of deep learning model that can generate volumetric representations, embedded in a neural network of objects from 2D images, that appear like 3D models. They work by estimating the radiance along rays passing through a scene and use these estimates to render the scene from any viewpoint. The model is trained on a dataset of images and corresponding 3D geometry, allowing it to generate accurate 3D scenes. The qualities that make NeRFs useful for virtual production include their photo realism, accurate geometry, visible reflections and novel origin points. Depth is maintained at scale. Read more about NeRFs here and here.

What is the Volinga Suite?

The Volinga Suite is comprised of three key components: the Volinga Renderer, the Volinga Exporter, and the Volinga Creator. The Volinga Renderer is a powerful tool that allows for the rendering of NeRF models in real-time, providing a seamless and immersive experience for users. The Volinga Exporter enables creators to easily export their NeRF models to an NVOL file format, making it easy to share and collaborate with others. Finally, the Volinga Creator is a user-friendly interface that streamlines the process of creating NeRF models.

Using Volinga & RenderStream Natively

The Volinga RenderStream plugin provides native support to 3D generative AI in disguise without content creators needing to skill up in 3D engines. The Volinga documentation covers the native disguise workflow here.

Using Volinga & RenderStream with Unreal Engine

Volinga Suite also provides solutions for Unreal Engine and disguise RenderStream, so NVOL files can be rendered in both software programs and used as 3D environments for virtual production. The Volinga documentation covers the Unreal Engine with disguise RenderStream workflow here.

Hardware Guidelines

The full virtual production implementation with Volinga uses the rx II media server.

Please note: Volinga requires driver 528.79 NVIDIA driver version or later. The rxII OS Image uses version driver 535.

Gaussian Splatting

Support for Gaussian Splatting has been added to Volinga. 3D Gaussian Splatting is a method developed by INRIA and Max Planck Institute ( It provide high quality reconstruction and high rendering perfomance. Properties can be modified using a 3D Gaussian Splatting based NVOL. Log in to the Volinga website for more information.


To download the disguise RenderStream plugin developed by Volinga, visit the website here.

The plugin was developed using Designer r24.4.

To use Volinga Suite to find and create custom NeRFs, you can access the Volinga Creator and Exporter on the website.

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